Tinder Pick up Lines – Profile Setup – Part 1

Tinder Pick Up Techniques: How to Immediately Catch Her Attention – part 1


Tinder has been one of the most popular dating apps that are used by a lot of people to find their best matches. And it has been the best place to execute your suave moves and impress girls with your cool Tinder pick up lines.


With thousands of guys on Tinder, girls can be too picky in choosing a guy to start a conversation with. But here is the catch: not all guys have striking charisma to begin with. So you can always put your best foot forward to create a certain appeal with girls. Charm the girls starting with choosing the right photos for your Tinder profile.


Generally, even in other social networking platforms, profile pictures that are safe and boring do not always appeal to girls. Tinder is basically a photo-based app. And prepping your best through your pictures will certainly have a great impact in finding your match. See to it that when girls see your photo, they will be immediately inspired to know you more. This can spark great conversation and end up to both of you throwing Tinder pick up lines to each other and finally getting hooked up.


The best way to pimp your profile and catch her attention immediately is to choose at least three good photos to display:


Photo 1: Show your face!


Girls swipe faster than guys on Tinder. They tend to have so many matches so they do not really have time looking at other pictures of you especially if they are bored at the first one. So don’t let them swipe your chance out. Make sure that your best photo is the first to be seen. And the best photo is always a picture of your face—without covering like sunglasses or huge caps. Wear a smile and strike your best face pose. If possible, do not use selfie picture because ladies may thing that taking selfie is too girly. It lowers down machismo.

Photo 2: Display your Stature!


Strike your best pose showing your stature. Display your physique and let it be the second photo in your Tinder profile. You may show your well-carved body, and if you don’t have one, you can execute your stance instead.


Always choose a photo that can compliment your body built. You can do this by posting a picture of you with your friends or say a background that will serve as a reference point in which the girls can see your stance.


Photo 3: Tout your Interest!


Girls want passionate guys. Show them your passion in your third photo. You can post a photo displaying your interesting hobby, your sports, your adventures or what you do in life. Here are some of the things that you may consider:


  • If you are good at particular sports tout it. Say you do extreme sport like carting or parasailing, or you surf or ride a motorcycle, let that reflect in your third photo. Most girls are interested in sporty guys as it adds to playing at least one good sport adds to their manliness.


  • If you are a traveler, boasts your pictures with the magnificent view of some places you travel. Adventurous men attract girls.


  • If you are a hardworking fellow, put up your best working photo in your usual suit and ties. But take note that too much of pictures with your formal wear can make girls think you are a boring person. One picture with your suit will be fine.


  • If you are an illustrator or an artist, display a photo of you and your masterpieces. Many girls are charmed by artists who are very focus on their craft.


Be the best that you can be in Tinder. Take note that you are not a model and girls do not expect you to be either. It is good to be ordinary but make sure that you got that edge over the others. Start with your profile photos and you can eventually go further to delivering Tinder pick up lines and finding your best match!