Tinder Pick up Lines – Profile Setup – Part 2

Techniques in Using Tinder Pick up Lines


Step Two: Create an Amazing Description on Your Profile


Never leave your Bio page empty. Being mysterious will not work here, unless you are extremely good looking or you do not have anything else to say.



Make sure that you just tell the truth because eventually, you will meet your potential date in real life. If you have a good job or have interesting facts to say about yourself, make sure that they are indicated in your BIO. Being different, witty and funny is the best. It is always about engaging on your emotions and not coming up with a resume that is dry. Remember that usually, she only has a few seconds spent on deciding. Sell yourself the best way you can.


* New York Based Website Graphic Designer

* Blogger and Traveler


REMINDERS: Do not use clichés! Love music or food? Well, you are not different the majority of the population. Make sure that you enter unique and specific information.


It is also advisable to indicate your city when using Tinder. Most of the girls are interested in meeting someone whom they can regularly meet in the future. If you are just dropping by temporarily, make sure that you indicate that in the bio; perhaps she also likes things fast. It may also provide you the ‘mysterious’ feel.


* London based 6’3”, Baseball fanatic

* British. Visiting for a week!


Height is very important for girls because we don’t like men shorter than us. Therefore, make sure that you are honest with your height. This will avoid disappointment on both parties upon your first meet up.


If you are not really 6’3”, not British, and not a baseball fanatic, you may focus on a personality that will make you edgy and funny. Girls are also attracted to humor. Showing that you are not boring will help you get through it.


Using Tinder Pick up Lines


*Are you Google? Because you are all that I’m searching for!

Think of this. Girls do not like random throwing of tinder pick up lines. They really want to feel the attraction and communication; that you are listening to them. Still, these tinder pick up lines work too! They often initiate reaction coming from the girls.


While girls may, at first, think whether you are serious or not, they will still be curious, so will still respond. We have tested this by sending two types of messages to a group of 20 girls. Ten from the group were asked the usual question on what they think about the weather. Only two of the girls replied. On the other hand, the same study resulted to 7 out of the other 10 girls replied within just a period of two hours. Though some may not get the joke, but the point is that, they replied.