Tinder Pick up Lines – Profile Setup – Part 3

Found a Match! How to Throw the Best Tinder Pick up Lines to Her


You have a match on Tinder. And you won’t let the chance to slip by without giving your best Tinder pick up lines to catch her attention. With the number of guys in the social dating app, initiating an interesting and lasting conversation is tough. Your lines should be well delivered if you want a lasting romance with a girl on Tinder. So, how will you spark her interest in you?



Here are some of the things you need to remember in initiating a great conversation in Tinder to win a girl’s heart:


  1. Your opening lines should show how they will have a great time talking with you. And it is not reflected with a mere hi or hello. Girls on Tinder are getting a lot of these from other guys. And another hi may sound boring. Try to be creative and throw longer messages.


Try to compliment her pictures. Throw a line like, “Hey (name), I like your smile in your pictures. You seemed a happy fellow. We need more happy people in this world! :D”


Look at her bio and her pictures and find something she is passionate about. If she says she loves reading, ask her if she have read a particular book. If she loves traveling, ask her where her last trip was or where her next trip will be. If she loves sports, point that thing out when you start the conversation. Girls want guys who are looking them in a deeper perspective.


Lines like, “(name), we have a lot of things in common. I love reading. And I love tennis too. Anyway, have you watched the latest Wimbledon game?” can be good in initiating a talk


  1. Take note that the best Tinder pick up lines trigger positive emotional responses. Get a girl’s interest on your first line, and she’ll be into you.

Say a witty line that will make her goes head over heels. Girls are always sold with short but clever Tinder pick up lines. Some of these lines include, “Have you seen my white horse? I think I’ve lost it somewhere.” or “Should we tell grandma we meet on Tinder?”


These lines are meant to be weird and indifferent but cool to elicit emotional response from your girl.


  1. Show that you are interested but don’t appear to be so desperate. Being too needy is a hopeless case, and it will not take you far. Always be honest but be creative and do not exaggerate. Say if a girl asked you “What do you do for a living?” sometime in the conversation. You may say “I toss bottles and shakers to create great alcohol mixes.” If you are jobless, you can say “I’m venturing in a small business soon.” Instead of “I’m unemployed.” The former shows that you are looking forward to a working life and not just being contented that you are doing nothing.


You will find a lot of matches in Tinder, and it is up to you to sustain great conversation with them. Deliver your best Tinder pick up lines and spark romance between you and your girl. Take note of the tips above, and you can never go wrong!